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VoV (value of values)

Under the visionary leadership of Maurice Benayoun, we harmoniously blended neuroscience, smart contracts, NFT and poetry. My contributions included rewriting the Unreal Engine visualization tool and facilitating the integration with smart contracts and Nft miting, directing operational mechanics during multiple live performances of the installation in 2019.

VoV, a blockchain art project, determines the economic value of human values through neuro-design and NFTs. Derived from the Brain Factory project, visitors shape abstract concepts into 3D models through brainwaves, registered as NFTs on the Blockchain.

Creators become owners of VoV Tokens and associated 3D models, tradeable or usable for artefacts. Up to 420,000 transactions provide real-time monitoring of global human values' relative worth. VoV, a real currency and metaphor, delves into human creation, artistic value systems, and the desire for commodified thought representations.

VoV, by Maurice Benayoun (MoBen) with Tobias Klein and Nicolas Mendoza Leal, is supported by the City University of Hong Kong, ACIM Fellowship, MindSpaces (an S+T+Arts LightHouse EU project), and MindSpaces HK.

I was hired as a CTO for the project went through the first deployment or "drop" of the system in Korea, and participated in the setup and live operations during several expositions in Hong Kong, Italy, Korea and Taiwan. I also helped with the design and programming of an important upgrade of the control and animation systems of the particle systems. 

Visit the project on the official websites:

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