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Aka Alejandro Rodríguez

Alejandro is a highly experienced Architect and artist with over 20 years of industry involvement, specializing in Unreal Engine, 3D modelling, architectural and product design, interactive devices, art installations and software design. He has excelled as the director of Dogrush Studios and partner of IDv Labs, demonstrating expertise in self-taught 3D artistry, programming, technology development, art direction, and show management. Alejandro's extensive skill set has significantly contributed to the advancement of the entertainment industry through video mapping, virtual reality, and numerous art pieces.


From 2018 to 2022, Alejandro was actively engaged as a researcher at City University of Hong Kong, collaborating with esteemed professors such as Prof. Jeffrey Shaw, Prof Maurice Benayoun, and Prof Tobias Klein. Within the Extended Reality Lab, following the lead of Prof Alvaro Cassinelli and Christian Sandor, he has made valuable contributions in the fields of augmented reality, mixed reality, and 360 stereoscopic panoramas, showcasing his dedication to exploring the possibilities of technology.


With a proficient understanding of 3D software and processes, Alejandro adeptly combines technical knowledge with artistic creativity. He consistently demonstrates his ability to create immersive virtual experiences, leveraging his expertise in Unreal Engine and his comprehensive skill set.


His partnership with IDv Labs allowed him to collaborate with outstanding Argentine artists like Ailaviu VJ, Jose Jimenez and LucasDM, developing huge projects that involved hundreds or thousands of artists on certain occasions. 


Dogrush staff has varied through time, but his long-time partner and friend Federico Echevarria has collaborated through the years on different projects with his outstanding craftsmanship of 3d and high-quality rendering skills.

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