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IDV is a research and development group that organically formed through a shared passion for projects among friends.

Operating without a rigid structure, the group thrives on trust, friendship, and a shared enthusiasm for work.

Comprising individuals such as Ailaviu (Martin Borini), R3nder, (Jose Jimenez), Lucas DM, Dogrush, and Luciano Lapa, IDV collaborates to tackle large-scale projects through a horizontally structured approach.

This diverse collective includes nerds, self-taught enthusiasts, artists, architects, musicians, coders, lighting experts, animators, and more.

Years after its inception, IDV continues to collaborate and engage in various projects and endeavours, showcasing its enduring commitment to innovation and creativity.

Technical reel of some works carried out by members or teams of IDV.
Ailaviu VJ, Lucas DM, R3ND3R, Luchi Camorra, Alex Dogrush
With the participation of artists and collaborators such as:
Valeria Laura
Fede Echeverria
Enrique Marmora
Ivan Ivanoff
Agustin Colli
Manuel Palenque
Martin Tarifeño
Terry Chocolaad
Blirp Studios
Blas Lamagni
Milena Mileo
Guillermo Deffis
Among many others...

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