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Vendimia 2015

National Grape Harvest Festival - Mendoza 2015
One of the biggest folkloric festivals in Argentina and the biggest theatrical play in the world according to some scholars (with around 1000 actors in the scene) 

Vendimia with over 70 years of story, is a beautiful blend of tradition, art and emotions. A beacon for tourism related to wine and a highlight of Argentina's cultural heritage. 

The National Grape Harvest Festival is one of the largest popular spectacles in Latin America. It is a theatrical production with original music performed live by a grand orchestra and a substantial number of artists, including dancers and actors (around 1000 in the 2015 edition) adorned in elaborate costumes, engaging in moments of dance and theatre.

The design and direction of the festival are entrusted to a team of creators who present a proposal before a jury. For the 2015 edition, the "Oasis que Late" (Pulsating Oasis) proposal was submitted, with the late Marcelo Rosas as its director, Sonya Sejanovich as his assistant and eventual director, and Alejandro Rodríguez (dogrush) as the visual director, technician, and scenographer, along with a large team of 35 individuals.

Alejandro designed the visual and technological scenographic setting with the assistance of Martin Borini in the technological area. The team developed the entire scenic concept, and additional participants from IDv were later integrated, along with another extensive group of developers, programmers, animators, and suppliers from various companies that contributed to the realization of such a monumental production.

The spectacle itself lasted about 70 minutes and was repeated over 4 nights, broadcasted live nationwide across the Republic of Argentina. Repeats were also aired on the television network of the Province of Mendoza.

The project's development time, from initial ideas to the final performance, spanned 10 months.


Production Team:
General Director: Marcelo Adrián Rosas
Literary Script: Liliana Bodoc
Assistant Director: Sonia Ester Sejanovich
Scenographic design and technical direction: Alejandro Rodriguez
Script Supervisor: Liliana Beatriz Chiavetta

Choreography Director: María Claudia Sosa
Executive Producer: Gustavo Ariel Uano


Martín Villaruel
Gonzalo Emilio Cano
Pablo Ariel Mansilla
Orchestra Director: Pepe Sanchez

Musical Direction and Arrangements: Darío Ghisaura


Mario Enrique Mátar
Ricardo Javier Mansilla
Martín Eduardo Vicente
Luis Daniel Morcos Porras
Leo Martinelli
Animaciones Mapping piso y pantallas: Blirp Studio + Federico Echarría. 
Voiceover: Dardo Boggia

Voiceover (female): To be defined

Technical Head: Rodrigo Juan Manuel Bascuñan

FX Assistant: Martin Borini (Ailaviu)

Sound Design Responsible: Fernando Lorenzo

Sound Design Responsible: Fernando Cremaschi

Lighting Design Responsible: Bruno Giudice

Acting Director: Hugo Miguel Yañez

Assistant Actors: Melisa Lara, Wally Sanchez

Transport Chief: Mirta Cristina Rodriguez

Technical and Scenography Assistant: Tite Barbuzza

Physical Effects: Gabriel Gabetta

Production Assistant: Laura Piastrellini

Lightboxes Responsible: Cecilia Echenique

Costume and Makeup Chief: Raúl Saldeña

Costume Assistants:

Bonada? (To be confirmed)
To be defined
Makeup Assistant + Assistant: Tanya + Assistant

Props Responsible: Rodolfo Carmona

Sync System: Lucas DM
Kinect and Led control: Manuel Palenque, Martin Lopez Palermo

  * If I forgot someone please send a message and I will gladly add you! (so many people working on this one!)

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