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It's a patented mixed reality device that originated from my architectural thesis, initially presented as a VR experience. Recognizing the issues of user isolation and the impractical invasiveness of traditional VR systems in public spaces, I crafted this innovative solution to seamlessly blend virtual and physical environments.

V-Dome, a concise term for Virtual Dome, served as an interactive hardware piece designed for the exploration of 3D spaces. Its unique feature allowed the device's screen to move in a complete spherical motion around the user, presenting various types of content, including 360 panoramic photos and videos, interactive 3D spaces, games, and augmented reality experiments.

The project received recognition in the National Innovation Contest, Innovar, in 2008. Its initial development in 2006 aimed to address challenges associated with VR head-mounted displays prevalent at the time, such as motion sickness, sweat-related discomfort, and compatibility issues with glasses.

Alejandro Rodriguez, the creator, garnered invitations to events, lectures, and exhibitions, with the invention being officially patented in 2015 by INPI, the Argentinean National Institute of Industrial Patents.

Practical applications of V-Dome included showcasing Argentinean innovation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany alongside the Presidential Committee. On that occasion, the device offered immersive navigation into various research facilities from Argentina like genetics labs, and nuclear reactors located in Argentina.

A permanent installation of the device in Cordoba's city Villa Maria, was used as a planetarium planetarium experience, featuring a solar system simulation, among other applications. V-Dome, a representation of technology and ingenuity, found its place as an interesting exploration tool and innovation exhibit.

Vdome was also used in several other venues in Argentina and abroad.

CREDITS for collaborators and friends:
- "Pollo" Orlando Durán: the godfather of the creature
- Jorge Manzitti (software interactions) 
- Federico Echevarria
- Ricardo Antonelli
- Luciano Prata
- Salome Vorfas
- Rodriguez Family (especially Ana and Mario)
- Leandro Dalmasso
- Vene Zulu (awesome person who popped up and helped us to travel to Innovar 2008 with a generous sponsorship!) 
- Industrias Taschín
- Estado Lateral Media Lab
- Enrique Marmora
- Jose Jimenez
- Ivan Ivanoff
- Martin Borini
- Posca Empaques (chalo_on)

Original concept

First 360 panoramic navigation demo
2nd prototype

Concurso innovar 2008 reel

Construction process - Industrias Taschín

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