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Architectural thesis

For my university's final project, I conceptualized my architectural thesis, envisioning a military base for peacekeeping forces situated at the inception of UNASUR.

The design comprised multiple buildings laid out across an expansive terrain to accommodate three battalions. Set amidst the Andes Cordillera, the complex was meticulously crafted. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, I crafted immersive VR presentations, employing VR headsets and Stereo Shooter 3D glasses for captivating projections.

It took a year and a half, from the end of  2004 to mid 2006

In 2006, Alejandro presented an innovative architectural project that seamlessly integrated technology and creativity.

Utilizing the Truevision3D video game engine, Alejandro, alongside his friend Jorge Manzitti, delved into various subsystems, crafting dynamic content featuring three distinct visualization modes: day, night, and an exploded view of the architecture. This approach offered viewers a comprehensive understanding of the structure's intricacies.

Alejandro's extensive research spanned diverse techniques, from light baking to vertex shader utilization, landscape design, and vehicle simulations. Additionally, he received invaluable guidance from Colonel Pedro Amarfil, who offered insights into the workings of the Argentinean army.

Alejandro's cousins, Marcela and Ivan Brjklacic, contributed significantly, as did his friends, including his brother Federico Rodriguez, whose talents in music and video editing enhanced the project. Alejandro's girlfriend at the time, Salome Vorfas, provided continuous moral support and captured memorable moments through photography.

Close friend Gonzalo Alvarez, affectionately known as Chino, offered invaluable input on design details. Alejandro's parents, Ana and Mario, provided unwavering support and profound insights.

The collaboration of the Perla Marina crew, including Cristian del Negro, Paula Ianizzi, Centero, CyborgV, and Loga5ound, was instrumental in the project's development. Moreover, Jorge Manzitti Sr. served as a valuable advisor, sharing enriching literature on the history of war.

Programming: Jorge Manzitti Military Advisor: Colonel Pedro Amarfil
Geopolitics, History, and Philosophy Advisor: Mario Rodriguez (Silo)
Video Editing: Federico Rodriguez
Music: Federico Rodriguez, Christian del Negro, Nicolas Montecchiari
Architectural Advisory: Oscar Garcia
Unofficial Architectural Advisory:  Arch. Marcela and Arch. Iván Brjclacic
Design Collaboration: Gonzalo "Chino" Alvarez
Signage Design: Federico Rodriguez and Paula Ianuzzi
Moral Support, Art Advisory, and Photography: Salome Vorfas

Setup, Preparation, Audio Design, 2D Design, and Live Operations:
Perla Marina Crew: Nicolas Montecchiari, Cristian del Negro, Paula and Virginia Ianuzzi, Matias Lezeta, Claudio Fernandez.

Special Thanks to Ana Luisa Cremaschi for her role as the main producer, financial support, and culinary expertise!


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