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Interactive map

Step into the digital heartbeat of Buenos Aires with my creation—an interactive map showcasing real-time information about systems, networks, infrastructure, and their usage. This immersive exhibit, part of the 'Conectados' showcase, brings technology to life through a dynamic display of screens and touch interfaces.

"Connectados" offered a profound exploration of technology's unifying power, inviting visitors to navigate the intricate web of contemporary digital life. This exhibition, curated by Ricardo Serón, unveiled the inner workings of communication systems, unravelling the present state, and hinting at the future of the technology that bound us together.


In a world shaped by relentless technological innovation, our daily lives were seamlessly interwoven with the digital realm, erasing distances and enabling instant connections. Did you know that, on average, we spent over 6 hours and 53 minutes online every day—more than 40% of our waking hours? Armed with this knowledge, delve into the intricacies of internet browsing, calls, and messaging as you explore the immersive installations within "Connected."


Produced entirely by Fundación Telefónica Movistar, this exhibition took visitors on a playful and creative journey through the challenges posed by current communication systems. Uncover the secrets behind our digital interactions, gain insights into the processes and mechanisms that underpinned telecommunications, and peer into the future of the technology that shaped our connected lives. "Connected" transformed the abstract concept of digital connectivity into a tangible and enlightening experience, illustrating the profound impact of technology on our contemporary existence.

Curation and direction: Ricardo Serón

Technology and organization LucasDM
Interactive Map, Alejandro Rodriguez

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