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CCK immersive room

Inaugurated in 2021 at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, our collaborative design with Martin Borini features fourteen projectors, a twenty-four-speaker sound system, and meticulous architectural planning. This immersive room seamlessly integrates technology and art, offering a unique sensory experience in a 200-square-meter space.

Immersive Room at the Centro Cultural Kirchner.

This space, spanning 200 square meters and six meters in height, is a result of collaborative efforts. I collaborated with Martin Borini and Jose Jimenez in designing and determining the architectural and technical aspects. Together, we selected projectors, and lenses, and devised the rigging and assembly.

Our contributions extended to creating a 3D model and AutoCAD plans that intricately detailed technical specifications and construction nuances. This encompassed simulating lenses and projectors, examining light intensity and resolutions, and meticulously planning the positioning of technical elements, yielding both 3D renderings and comprehensive plans.

Subsequently, Martin collaborated with the IDV team to define the software and video control system. He worked alongside audio and sound designers, as well as architectural teams and constructors responsible for bringing the immersive room to life.

Inaugurated in 2021 during the challenges of the COVID era, the room was officially opened by the former President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, and his Culture Minister, Tristan Bauer. Situated at the Centro Cultural Kirchner in Buenos Aires, the room has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors, remaining open to offer an immersive experience.




Centro Cultural Kirchner Team:

Verónica Fiorito: Director, Centro Cultural Kirchner
María Rosenfeldt: Director, Tecnópolis
Juani Bousquet
Randy Spike: Infrastructure (Centro Cultural Kirchner)
Ricardo Barragán: Infrastructure (Tecnópolis)
Esteban Fachal: Technical Production (Tecnópolis)
Magali Barbato: General Production
Maria Angeles Mira: Administration, Tendering, and Contracting (Tecnópolis/Centro Cultural Kirchner)

Idv team:
Martin Borini: Design, Direction, and Creative Coordination -
Alejandro Rodríguez (Dogrush): Co-design, 3D modeling, and simulation 
Jose Jimenez: Logistics and calibration in interactive setup -
Lucas DM: Touchdesigner and Arena graphics engine programming -
Blas Lamagni: Montage and implementation direction
Nicolas Castagnola: Plans
Ernesto Fara: Sound design and implementation
Pablo Anglade: Spatial sound design
Javier Casadidio: Demo content in Touchdesigner
Javier Yacuzzi: Montage grid
Mariela Bond: Documentation

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