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Plaza de Mayo

Following the lead of Martin Borini (ailaviu VJ) with our idv team we developed the stage and show design for 4 distincts event happening between 2014 and 2015 in the iconic Plaza de Mayo, where the government palace of Argentina lies, the "Casa Rosada"

In early 2013, Martin enlisted my assistance in crafting the stage design for the 25 de Mayo national festivities at Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada. Together, we conducted a thorough scan of the area and utilized 3ds Max to bring our stage design to life. Drawing from my prior experience with Layher scaffoldings during my involvement in Vendimia, we seamlessly delved into the design process, leveraging a comprehensive set of assets and 3D objects.

The event unfolded as a captivating amalgamation of artistic performances by renowned bands and artists. To cater to the massive audience of approximately 600,000 people congregating in the plaza, we conceptualized and implemented a surround sound system, a central stage, and various kiosks equipped with screens. Collaborating closely with the national government's staff and production teams, we meticulously designed a technical rider, coordinating with multiple hardware providers to ensure a seamless execution.

A team of animators, crafted a series of animations to be showcased between performances. The success of this endeavor paved the way for our involvement in subsequent events, including the commemoration of the 30 years of democracy later that year and continued celebrations for the 25 de Mayo. This rich experience solidified our expertise in large-scale event design and technical coordination.

Martin Borini: Design and Direction
Alex Dogrush: Co-design and 3D
Lucas DM: Script for interludes & show control
Luchi Chester Camorra: Lighting Design and Programming
Daleduro Krz: Musical Structuring
Agustin Colli: Assistant and VJ
Bruno Giudice: Design and Programming of General and Protocol Lights
Wili Peloche: Production
Lolo Armndrz: Light and Video Programming Intermediary
Popi Etchegaray: Catering

25 de Mayo 2014

Separadores 25 de Mayo 2014

Fiesta de la democracia 2014

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