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Planetario Malargüe

Invited by the ENDO crew of ambient/drone producers, I had the opportunity to orchestrate a live VJ show at the Planetarium of Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina, back in 2014.

Several years thereafter, in 2016, I was entrusted with the task of implementing the new control system for the planetarium as part of a technical upgrade.

An embodiment of technical prowess, the Full Dome Generative Projection emerges as a pivotal audiovisual exhibition meticulously curated to complement Lable ENDO's sonic exploration. Unveiled during a thoughtfully orchestrated event at the Planetarium in Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina, in early 2014, this production harnessed specialized software tailored for the Full Dome technique.

The seamless fusion of sound and visuals was orchestrated through the integration of a sophisticated system, anchored by a server boasting 6 video outputs. Cienfuegos, an experimental VJing software, played a central role in this meticulously choreographed presentation, unveiling the delicate interplay between technology and artistic expression.

Nestled within the celestial confines of the Planetarium, the immersive experience unfolded, utilizing the dome's expansive surface as a canvas for dynamic visuals. This retrospective narrative encapsulates the essence of a momentous event where technical ingenuity and artistic innovation converged, offering a distinctive exploration of the audiovisual landscape within the cultural context of its time.

Post the collaboration with Endo, ongoing communication with the Planetarium staff ensued. Responding to their request, a technical update to their system was executed. Collaborating with Guillermo Defis (GUI), a version of Cienfuegos VJ was developed using vvvv. This iteration introduced video capture and various presentation layouts, enabling the integration of a single monitor for the display of diverse content, from powerpoints to educational material, extending beyond the full dome capabilities.

This enhanced system has been operational since 2017, representing a sustained commitment to advancing technological possibilities within the dynamic realm of audiovisual exploration.

ENDO live performance at the planetarium


Visuals by dogrush.
Music by Pablo Ruiz Avantú and Raniro Saravia.

Coordination in the Planetarium: Roberto Bandiera


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