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"Interactive Installations," Cultural center of Espain, La Paz, Bolivia.

Invited by the festival Kiebre, directed by Bernardo Resnikowski (DJ Quien) 

I created an interactive installation for single users that displayer a fake perspective using a Microsoft Kinect device, augmenting the length and perspective of an underground tunnel. 

I received an invitation to participate in the Kiebre Music Festival, where my role involved both a live performance as a VJ and conducting a workshop on interactive installations.

During the event, I concurrently developed an installation while guiding the workshop attendees through the entire process. This included measuring the venue, conducting tests, and explaining the intricacies of the technology involved.


The centerpiece of my creation was a 3D scan of the venue's wall, precisely mirroring the tunnel's actual structure. Triggered by a visitor entering the Kinect range, the wall would dynamically open, revealing an elongated tunnel that responded to the observer's position. This effect enhanced the tunnel's depth, creating a captivating illusion of fake perspective.

Open for public use on the workshop's concluding day, the art piece allowed visitors to experience the captivating illusion firsthand. Additionally, students crafted various skins for the tunnel's interior, providing an array of visual experiences.

Latin American Meeting of Digital Art
La Paz, Bolivia

Bernardo Resnikowski
Kiebre Project Director

Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz, Bolivia

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