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Motus Full-Dome Festival


Set in the stunning mountains of Alishan, Taiwan, The MOTUS Fulldome Festival invited artists from around the world to participate, engage, and share ideas as part of a bold and exciting project. Organised by The Rebalance Renaissance Group with the help of Alejandro Rodriguez. The exhibition used the latest technology to highlight the “wisdom of nature and the environment” within the Cou tribe's cosy land.

Motus is a Fulldome Festival in Alishan, Taiwan. It blends art and technology to spotlight environmental wisdom. Organized by The Rebalance Renaissance Group led by Corbett Wall.

This exhibition in the indigenous village of Laiji features a 10-meter-high geodesic dome showcasing global artists' work on a 360-degree screen. With a strong focus on conservation, the festival merges visual art and music, promoting eco-conservation through culture, arts, learning, wellness, appreciation, science and technology.

Alejandro Rodriguez (dogrush) played a pivotal role in the festival as the artist in charge, producing an epic 360 video based on a day of the hunter "Mo'o Piconu." Alejandro also served as the technical director, designing the control software for the full dome with the help of Guillermo Deffis (GUI) and preparing the setup for projectors and montage. Alejandro also curated the content and invited several international artists to participate. 

The Cou tribe blessed the festival in their village, and the organizers aim to create a lasting impact by addressing the issue of young tribe members leaving for work and education in cities.

Corbett and his team are committed to building a sustainable learning and employment platform, encouraging the youth to return to their mountain home. Despite challenges, including the impact of COVID-19, the team decided to proceed with the event. Nature played a role in the decision, as a rainstorm cleared just in time for the festival opening, marked by tribal blessings and local participation.

The rebalance Renaissance Group emphasized the unique aspect of the festival, where everyone involved volunteers their time and expertise for the greater good, expressing gratitude for the collaborative effort.


Motus International FullDome Festival
Ali Shan, Taiwan
MOTUS Art Space, Laiji Village
15 March 2020 -- 30 June 2020

"God of these maple trees
We come to you
Please take care of us
Bless our health and safety
Oh Land God, guarding this forest."
Mo'o Piconu

Guardian of the Forest

Through The Eyes of The Tribesman
dogrush (Hong Kong) and Adrian Giordano (Indonesia)

Dj Show Adrian Giordano
Vj Show Live Derek Tumala

Persistence, Multiplication and Delay
Lucas DM (Argentina)

Ma Reserve
Sam Greffe, Brigitte Poupart (Canada)

Leandro Vigas, Vigas VJ (Brazil)

13 Galactic Tones (Chile)

Presented by Rebalance Renaissance Company

Technical Production by Alejandro Rodriguez / Dogrush & Guillermo Deffis/ GUI

Projectors by ViewSonic

Through The Eyes of The Tribesman

Motus Full dome Festival Teaser

Peispak'i ta 360 with Laiji Elementary's kid artists

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