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Cerro de la Gloria

In 2014, a project marked the Monumento Cerro de la Gloria's centenary with a video mapping production in San Martin Park, Mendoza. Utilizing photometric scanning, a 3D animation depicted General San Martin's saga. The event featured folkloric performances and a military parade of Granaderos, merging artistry and technology.

In 2014, a significant project was undertaken to mark the centennial anniversary of the Monumento Cerro de la Gloria. Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, our team was tasked with creating a video mapping production for the monument located atop Cerro de la Gloria in San Martin Park, Mendoza.

Utilizing photometric scanning techniques, we accurately captured the monument's features to create a Low Poly model, serving as the basis for a 3D animation. This animation narrated the story of General San Martin and the liberation of Argentina and Chile.

The celebration also included folkloric performances, such as malambo dancers, and a military parade featuring Granaderos in traditional Sanmartinian uniforms, adding to the event's cultural richness.

Led by a team of dedicated artists and technicians, this project aimed to commemorate the historical significance of the Monumento Cerro de la Gloria through a blend of artistry and technological innovation.


Direction: Alex Rodriguez
Script- Storyline: Terry Chocolaad
Animation: Terry Chocolaad, Federico Echevarria, Claudio Fernandez
Sound Design: Leo Martinelli (Tremor)
Software, Logistics, Montage: Alex Rodriguez

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