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Arcane ai

Arcane AI, a limited-run tarot deck, explores Ai's expressive potential through unique Midjourney-generated images. Rooted in the Marseille tradition, each card, tied to planets and symbols, forms a cohesive narrative on the Kabbalah's tree of life. GPT-3's robotic-style descriptions, and a satirical manifesto on AI's impact, enrich this technology-focused project.
Developed by dogrush and Dollaria

Arcane AI is an artistic exploration of Ai's power and expressive potential. Using Midjourney for image generation, each tarot card is a unique work of art in a limited run of 100 decks. Through this project, we delved into printing intricacies, generating 1000 original images and carefully curating the final 22 cards.

Our design, influenced by the Marseille tarot tradition, merges traditional symbology with intentional and unconventional references, reflecting a cohesive style. Cards are tied to a planet, zodiac sign, and Hebrew letter, creating a map of meaning in the Jewish Kabbalah's tree of life, symbolized on each card's back. GPT-3 was used for robotic-style descriptions, embracing its limitations at completion in July.

A serendipitous discovery unfolded as we recognized the depiction of the tree of life seamlessly integrated into the graphic style of a neural network, elegantly featured on the back of each card.

We crafted a manifesto expressing thoughts on AI's rapid advancement and its impact on art. We included a satirical interpretation of Martin Niemöller's "First They Came..." poem ominously and poignantly explores AI replacing humans in every realm.

"First, they defeated the chess champions

and I did not speak out 
because I did not play chess.

Then they defeated the translators

and I did not speak out 
because I was not a translator.

Then they defeated the Go grandmaster

and I did not speak out 
because I did not know about Go.

Then they defeated the geneticists who folded proteins

and I did not speak out 
because I was not a nerd.

Then they defeated the artists

and I did not speak out 
because I was not an artist.

Then they came for me

and there is no one left to stand to them"


dog&doll 2021

In Black Mirror style, we showcase the project's technology focus with an iPhone 13-inspired design featuring a sleek silver border and reflective symbols on each card.The packaging features a sleek design, presented in an elegant black box that also showcases a QR code, which leads to the accompanying website where you can find explanations for each of the cards in the deck. Along with this, the packaging also contains a manifesto that expresses our views and thoughts on the rapid advancements in AI and its impact on art and artistic processes.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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