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about dogrush

aka Alejandro Rodríguez

Real time technologies meet reality

"My expertise unfolds at the nexus of the tangible and the technological, where I have navigated a series of compelling initiatives. These include the creation of an innovative plug-in for Unreal Engine and the design of the VDome in 2008—a mixed reality device with a touch of retro charm.

In collaboration with visionaries like Maurice Benayoun, I have delved into the subtle art of neurodesign, joined forces with distinguished entities such as Fuerza Bruta and Martin Borini (AilaviuVJ), and lent my skills to Professor Jeffrey Shaw’s profound project, "The Atlas of Maritime Buddhism." My journey also spans the orchestration of large-scale festivals and stage designs, bringing to life significant cultural moments across Argentina.

My professional path is defined by a commitment to technological systems, immersive experiences, and thoughtful navigation.

For those drawn to the seam where reality meets innovation, I have been consistently exploring this boundary, striving to leave a meaningful imprint through collaborative ventures and technological achievements.

This journey has been as enlightening as it has been profound."

Alejandro Rodriguez


Video mapping

Beginning in 2008 with my inaugural calibration tool, we made our debut at Fundación Telefónica. By 2012, our capabilities were on full display with a colossal 120-metre-wide, five-floor-high mapping at Centro Cultural Leparc, demonstrating our prowess. The following year, 2013, saw a grand display at the Vendimia Festival.

Since then, my involvement in numerous mappings has grown. Each project, integrating logistical design, optical calculations, and budgeting, echoes my commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling within the dynamic realm of video mapping.

AR - Stereoscopic immersions
and collaborative VPS

Throughout my journey, I've navigated real-time technologies, from virtual production environments to crafting stereoscopic 360-degree panoramas for multi-user virtual reality experiences. A focal point has been augmented mixed reality, championing interoperability for crowd-shared immersion. It's not merely about technology; it's about seamlessly blending the virtual and real to create cutting-edge, interactive setups. This commitment defines my passion for exploring uncharted territories in immersive experiences.


Stage and show design

From national festivities to the creative realms of Fuerza Bruta, I have crafted technological experiences that transcend borders. My expertise in video mappings has left its mark in several countries, and I have infused innovation into the vibrant Vendimia Festival. I bring technology to events, creating moments that linger in memory.

Physical objects

Crafting in the physical realm, a highlight is the limited edition tarot deck co-created with my wife, Kiuxi. Employing artificial intelligence, we brought mystical cards to life in just 100 decks. My creative journey extends to diverse architectural objects, 3D prints, and stage designs. Each piece reflects a commitment to turning ideas into tangible, engaging experiences.



Exploring tangible innovations, my portfolio includes the V-Dome—a patented mixed-reality device that blends creativity and technology. I've designed an X-ray VR system for car exploration and crafted installations in Buenos Aires, connecting devices to explore real-time telecommunication infrastructure. These projects showcase my commitment to innovative design across diverse domains.

Software design

Since 2010, I have been developing 'Cienfuegos,' a VJ tool that utilises video game engines as real-time video generation tools. Its imminent release on the Epic Games marketplace represents a significant milestone. Beyond 'Cienfuegos,' I have spearheaded standalone projects, including a planetarium tool employed in several locations, and educational innovations such as a virtual winery and a solar system simulator.

Untitled-1_0011_Layer 8.jpg

VR and real time visualizations

In 2004, my architectural thesis embraced cutting-edge technology, employing VR headsets and stereoscopic projections. With invaluable assistance from my friend Jorge Manzitti, we programmed the real-time application using Truevision3D—an engine built on Visual Basic. Since then, I have evolved into an expert in VR and video game engines, transitioning from Truevision3D and Quest3D to my current favourite, Unreal Engine.

3D content and video

Deeply rooted in a legacy of 3D content, video generation, and immersive high-quality renderings, our expertise extends across various mediums. From crafting video clips and TV advertisements to contributing special effects in movies, documentaries, and realistic simulations, our commitment to delivering top-tier visual experiences is ingrained in our journey.

"videos and images can tell a better story than what i can say aboyt myself
thank you for your visit!"

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