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Mapping LeParc

Video Mapping created for the inauguration of the LeParc Cultural Center in the city of Mendoza, Argentina.

This mapping project stands as one of the largest in Argentina, projected onto a fully three-dimensional building spanning 115 meters in width. For the event, we utilized 10 projectors with 15,000 ANSI Lumens each.


In the magical realm of the LeParc Cultural Center, we embarked on a whimsical journey commissioned by the Minister of Culture of the province of Mendoza, Argentina, back in 2012.

LeParc Cultural Centre, a titanic building nestled in the interior of Argentina, has served as the stage for a splendid array of cultural endeavours — congresses, fairs, theatrical productions, cinematic exhibitions, and displays of artistic prowess. It stands as the paramount cultural nucleus in the province of Mendoza.

The centre pays homage to the esteemed Mendozinean artist, Julio Leparc, with due reverence to the living luminary.

We where commissioned with a simple idea in mind:  create a box bursting with magic.

We decided to explore the idea of  The Pandora's Box myth. It tells the story of a young explorer venturing into a fantastical world, lured by a deity's invitation to open a box. Out spills a parade of spectres, ghosts, wondrous creatures — the very essence of art!

Along the way, we sprinkled in nods to various works by Julio Leparc.  It ends with a romantic twist where one of the devils emerging from Pandora's box turns out to be none other than love itself.

Voilà! The LeParc Cultural Center, where a simple box unfolds into a magical spectacle, weaving together art, myth, and a dash of devilish romance. 


Director: Alejandro Rodríguez (dogrush)
Script: Terry Chocolaat, Alejandro Rodriguez (dogrush)
Logistics and Assembly Direction: Martín Borini (Ailaviu)
Animation Direction: Terry Chocolaat (dogrush)
Artistic Production and 3D/2D Processing: Federico Echevarría, Claudio Fernandez (Centero)
Music and Sound Effects: Luciano Brasolín, Ignacio Brasolín (Super Guachín)
Software Design for Mapping and Alignment: Manuel Palenque + Alejandro Rodríguez (pixel perez)
Production: Enrique Mármora of (Estado Lateral Media Lab)
Production Collaboration: Julián Brasolín, Salomé García, Mariano Fermosel, Ana Cremaschi, Facundo Burgos Iturralde

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