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Deeper spaces

It was a project developed for the Faena Art Contest in 2018 (the project did not won the contest, so it was not developed) 

The installation offers an immersive exploration of memory and perception at the Faena Art Center, Buenos Aires. Led by curator Nora Schulman, the exhibition blends sound, visual art, and technology to provoke introspection through the use of high-tech devices and spatial design.

Deeper Spaces: A Journey Through Memory and Perception

Drawing inspiration from the philosophical musings of Henri Bergson, Dogrush presents "Deeper Spaces," a multi-sensory experience that transcends temporal boundaries, inviting participants to traverse the realms of memory, perception, and anticipation of the future.

At the heart of the exhibition lies "a great sensory box," a marvel of visual, technological, and digital art meticulously crafted to engage the viewer in introspection. Through a fusion of soundscapes, visual artistry, and scenographic elements, the immersive installation captivates visitors, prompting them to ponder existential questions. Illuminated by dynamic lighting systems and supported by state-of-the-art projectors, the audio-visual spectacle unfolds, weaving together mythologies, rituals, and anthropological insights. Employing a diverse array of artistic mediums alongside cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, scans, and artificial intelligence, the exhibit transcends traditional boundaries, embracing augmented virtual reality to evoke a profound sense of wonder.

Guided by the curator Nora Schulman, attendees embark on a journey through five distinct acts, each offering a unique facet of the human experience. From the introductory reception hall to the thought-provoking chambers exploring masks, life, death, and reflections in mirrors, participants are enveloped in a tapestry of sensations, inviting contemplation on the essence of existence.

Led by Alex Rodriguez, known as The Digital Wizard, the project embodies innovation and creativity. As the son of the Argentine philosopher Silo, Rodriguez's expertise as an architect, mapping specialist, and digital art researcher infuses the exhibition with depth and sophistication. Having showcased his works internationally and conducted workshops across the globe, Alejandro brings a wealth of experience to the creation of "Deeper Spaces."

Situated within the Faena Art Center Sala Molinos in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the site-specific installation spans 630 square meters, offering an immersive playground for exploration. With services encompassing experience design, technical development, and implementation, the exhibition was planned to open its doors in 2019.

Drawing upon Bergson's seminal works such as "Thought and Movement," "Matter and Memory," and "The Creative Evolution," "Deeper Spaces" pays homage to the philosopher's exploration of philosophical intuition and the complexities of morality and religion. By melding philosophical inquiry with technological innovation, the exhibition transcends conventional boundaries, inviting participants to contemplate the interplay between past, present, and future in the tapestry of human experience.

Sadly the project was not inspected by the jury of Faena Art Center leaving the presentation video unnatended with cero views. 


Nora Shulman

Alejandro Rodriguez

Architecture Modeling:
Federico Echevarria

Taiko sounds:
Nicolas Montecchiari

Julia Gomolach
Xiaoiu Chang
Kotona Murata
Luisa Zuñiga

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